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Electrical application for planning engineers -- design, calculation, BIM -- for AutoCAD® 2007-2020, Bricscad™ V13-V20 and ZWCAD 2019-2020

Detail overview circuit diagram

Section of an installation plan

Excerpt from the KNX scheme

Cable calculation earth-air

Short circuit calculation

new building model picture 1

new building model picture 2

new building model picture 3

new building model picture 4

new building model picture 5

graphical proof of selectivity

Illumination cone of detectors

the new LVZ routes V2.0



Company information

The IBS Döbeln is engaged in the development, application and support including training of software for electrical planning office. The software is an attachment or an application for the CAD programs AutoCAD®, BricsCAD ™ or ZWCAD, carries out technical calculations, creates installation, contact and overview plans, builds up schemes for KNX (elektronic control system), EMA (burgler alarm), BMA (fire alarm) etc., creates cables - and luminaire lists and simplifies the construction and evaluation of drawings up to the creation and evaluation of complete specifications and room books.

The users of our software are "the small handyman next door", large electrical companies, engineering offices of all sizes and global companies such as SolarWorld . The focus is on engineering offices with 3 to 30 employees. Our software is also used by public clients. Examples of this are the RUNDFUNK BERLIN-BRANDENBURG , the Stadtwerke Potsdam and the Forschungszentrum Jülich .

You can reach us by eMail Service@IBSDL.de

The IBS Döbeln is registered Developer for Bricscad.


Registered Developer

Product information on the LVZ program system

The program has been developed since 1989 with the name LVZ mistaken for LeistungsVerZeichnis. The name stood for a pure text solution. From 1993 onwards, the development basing on AutoCAD® started as a CAD program with complete mass transfer, whereby the name remained unchanged. Now the focus of the program is on the Z like Zeichnung (drawing) and thus in the CAD area including the associated technical calculations, evaluations, lists and diagrams. Since March 2010, LVZ has been developing in parallel for Bricscad™. In June 2019, the 3rd CAD core was integrated based on ZWCAD.

The main focus of the system is on technical calculations (the results of which are immediately shown in the drawing), the creation of installation plans, general circuit diagrams, contact plans, line plans, any diagrams and service specifications with the focus on electrical installation.

Included are short-circuit proof, proof of the switch-off conditions (zeroing proof), calculation of fire loads, voltage drop, losses, profit and amortization, lighting calculation, cable dimensioning, transformer parallel operation, earthing systems, part dimensioning, a material database and more than 1,500 part components and 4,500 standard symbols, with a further approx. 3,000 manufacturer-specific symbols can be supplied.

In addition to the normal symbols, which can carry up to 100 attributes with material information for the course, calculation results and technical data, many geometries are available as a mathematical model. These intelligent macros adjust the appearance and size according to user requirements when called.

Since the entire system works consistently three-dimensionally, cuts, perspectives or wall developments can be derived from the building model immediately. Furniture, devices, lights and installation devices are shown in 3D. Cable lengths are precisely determined and coordination with other trades is simplified. Interfaces to C.A.T.S. and liNear for collision checking are included.

The system includes a trade-neutral digitizing module with which paper drawings, 2D DWG, PDF, PNG or GIF files can be transferred to the computer effectively and almost photo-realistically as a volume model. Of course, any IFC file and any 3D DWG can be used for the LVZ building model.

With the mass extracts from the drawings, complete specifications can be set up and evaluated directly from the CAD or the data can be transferred to any user-specific AVA via standardized interfaces. Complete GAEB-LVs can be created directly from the drawing (s) of the entire project without additional AVA.

With the information stored in the attributes of the symbols, databases for facility management can be set up, maintained and supplemented, whereby the interface between drawing (s) and database (s) works in both directions. If the external data is changed or expanded, the drawings can be updated across projects.

The system is freely configurable. Any number of programs such as lighting calculation, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, etc. can be directly integrated as a CAD command and called up from the drawing.

All supplied files such as tables, diagrams, menus, article master data, images and CAD symbols are available in freely editable formats, so that the database can be adapted and expanded by the user without having to use additional software and special knowledge.

Important parts of the program were developed directly in or together with the planning offices Ingenieurbüro Elektrotechnik Döbeln, elt-ib Markkleeberg and EPIC Elektro Planung Ingenieur Consult in Erfurt parallel to the daily planning work. The direct coupling to practical use is reflected in the operation and handling as well as in the command set and in the application options of the system.

Interfaces are: IFC, ASCII / ANSI, DataNorm, EldaNorm, GAEB, Excel, FM, AVAnce, to the HLS software CATS Darmstadt, to liNear Aachen and to the lighting calculations DIALux and Relux.

LVZ project example - vision and reality - planning by EPIC GmbH Erfurt
"Frankfurter Welle" residential and commercial complex in Frankfurt / aM - usable area 100,000 m², 25,000 KNX components, 8 MW connected load

Brief overview

The program is structured systematically, easy to use, open for extensions of the user and to other programs. It consists of one casting without the purchase of external services. The user has his head clear for engineering decisions. The program does the routine work.

  • is based on a selection of 3 CAD solutions established on the market (AutoCAD®, Bricscad ™, ZWCAD) instead of its own CAD core
  • Transfer of paper drawings or image files in 2D and 3D, source PDF, GIF, TIFF, PNG and others. - Target DWG, DXF, IFC
  • normal installation and schemes in 2D and 3D
  • Complete multi-storey 3D building model for cross-level cabling and installation
  • Cuts automatically including complete wall views with installation devices in 3D
  • Installation plans, overview circuit diagrams
  • Line plans, KNX plans, contact plans
  • Escape route and fire department plans
  • Breakthrough plans
  • Line dimensioning with fire loads, occupancy, line cuts, collision check, 1,500 line components
  • Mass determination including cables up to complete LV
  • Short parts list automatically without any additional work step
  • automatic legends with quantity
  • room book
  • SmartSearch - finds any texts, attributes or blocks, even multiple ones on top of each other
  • SmartReplace - exchanges any texts, attributes or blocks, or deletes multiple overlapping ones
  • Proof of selectivity fully graphically
  • Short circuit detection (1-pole, 3-pole, thermal, dynamic, output as DWG)
  • Evidence of the shutdown conditions
  • Voltage drop with inductive components for single cables and networks
  • Load flow calculations
  • Internal lighting calculation, DIALux interface and Relux interface
  • Cable dimensioning, earthing systems
  • Cable laying, cable management, main cable routes, empty pipe laying and management
  • efficiency evidence
  • Calculation of large-scale solar systems
  • fee calculation
  • Data transfer to FM software
  • Symbol library, 4,500 intelligent blocks
  • SmartBlock 1 - you can easily create your own blocks
  • SmartBlock 2 - third-party blocks can be equipped with LVZ properties and handled just like internal symbols
  • Building module for walls, windows, doors, stairs; 3D photo-realistic including cuts
  • Attribute manipulation just as easy as if it were text, any attribute manipulation individually and in groups
  • SmartAttribut - Attribute Manager, Attribute Management, Import and Export
  • Batch commands, their manipulations, for example. affect all drawings of a project
  • Generation of any lists for lights, cables, KNX components, security technology, circuit lists, breakout lists, ...
  • powerful tools for drawing
  • backwards compatible up to the first LVZ drawing from 1993
  • no obligation to compete in the rabbit and hedgehog race for the highest AutoCAD® version
  • all data sets are in plain text and can be expanded by users
  • all functions except electrical engineering calculations can be used across trades
  • all data and program parts network-compatible
  • runs under Windows XP ... Windows 10
  • Interfaces IFC2x3 and 4, Excel CSV and XLS, GAEB, ASCII, Datanorm, ZVEH, DWF, DXF and many more.
  • SmartVoice - all symbols can be equipped with voice messages for explanation
  • daily automatic backup of all configuration data for easy recovery
  • all electrical data and commercial values ??can be exported for BIM
  • no commercial restrictions such as Limitation of the drawing size, the number of symbols or the sheets of the overview circuit diagrams
  • portable version available - plug & work without installation and configuration on every 08/15 computer worldwide
  • Hotline 365 days a year from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. - on weekdays free of charge until 6:00 p.m.

LVZ project example - planning by INNIUS DÖ / Dresdner Ökotherm GmbH - Mr. Bauer - 0351-85316-33
Pergamon Museum Berlin - photos courtesy of Horst Stiller, Berlin-Motive.de

Scope of services

- Delivery, installation and demonstration of the program system based on the technology of the user
- Configuration of AutoCAD®, Bricscad™, ZWCAD and LVZ including adaptation of printer and plotter
- Instruction within one working day
- Telephone hotline, email during working hours without maintenance contract unlimited free of charge, available 24 hours a day
- Fee for hotline only at night and on days off
- Creation of up to 50 symbols as requested by the user
- Conversion and troubleshooting of individual drawings by the user (e.g. for architect's drawings) as a service
- Warranty 1 year with free troubleshooting
- delivery against Invoice, no advance payments, checks or additional costs hidden in the software

furthermore ...

- Updates with all innovations according to user-definable periods
- training, adjustments and instructions for the user
- user-specific modules, extensions and interfaces to other programs
- transfer of data that the user already has, such as text modules for the AVA and symbols for drawings

Easy entry - wide range of functions

Every good engineer and every good draftsman knows AutoCAD®, BricsCAD™ and ZWCAD. LVZ is just an essay on these basic CAD products. So you start at a known level because all commands that are already familiar continue to work in full. Only new ones are added, those from LVZ. These can be gradually acquired and the way of working can be switched to effective computer use. If the user misses any function in the LVZ, it can be done temporarily, as before, at the level of AutoCAD®, BricsCAD™ or ZWCAD. In general, a single call to our house is sufficient and the desired function is available via update within a few days.

In contrast, there are CAD products from other providers with their own CAD core. On the one hand they will never reach the scope and flexibility of AutoCAD®, BricsCAD™ or ZWCAD, on the other hand you have to understand a completely new and self-contained operating concept. What the manufacturer has not provided for does not go out. The advertised cost savings because you don't need AutoCAD® or BricsCAD™ is of course nonsense. Logically, the integrated CAD core also has to be paid for. It gets really interesting with every change of the AutoCAD® drawing format. Then you have to buy twice as expensive. Furthermore, the integrated CAD core always has to be adapted when customers or the practice require new functions, which in addition to high costs also results in errors and delays.

LVZ project example - Elbphilharmonie - electrical and TGA planning by engineering company Bannert mbH in Bremen
Exterior view of the building (Photo IBS) Model in the MiWuLa Hamburg (IBS) Long shot (Hackercatxxy, Wikipedia) Night (Alexander Svensson, Wikipedia)

Our contacts ...

- We do not influence building authorities or administrations.
- We do not lobby at master schools or universities.
- We do not clean door handles and do not employ representatives or area sales managers.
- We also have no sales managers, account managers, marketing experts, corporate communicators or event managers.
- We are not at trade fairs.
- We do not bother you with our advertising on every website.
- We have no printed rulers, no coffee cups with the LVZ logo and no colored mouse pads.
- We have no image films for self-expression.

- We are successful.

Satisfied users have recommended us - for 27 years. There is no better, more honest and of course cheaper advertising.

Our service and our philosophy

We want

- satisfied users who use our product in the long term
- users who recommend our product to other potential users
- designers and craftsmen who contribute their knowledge and experience in our product

So we offer more than a computer program off the shelf, which is sold by theorists or pure computer scientists against prepayment, without manual and poor support.

We deliver our product, i.e.

- the software as a download, on a USB stick, SD card or USB hard drive - no installation and no admin required - plug & work, a printed manual

and our knowledge

- in the form of technical and, above all, personal advice before buying, based on sound electrical engineering training,
- as training or coaching for users under their very specific conditions and requirements,
- as free and lifelong telephone support on weekdays, who knows no "office hours" but also on weekends or on public holidays can be reached,
- via remote maintenance so that the distance is no longer an issue,
- when it comes to support, do not talk to only untrained third parties. You can get help directly from programmers with expertise in electrical engineering. That should also be a unique selling point.

We not only design the software according to our theoretical ideas, but

- all useful user wishes flow into the software from preliminary discussions and, of course, from the experience of our mostly long-time users.
- we deliver user-specific solutions and eliminate any errors found.
- software and support come from a single source at IBS Döbeln.
- offers made once are still valid after many months.

LVZ project example - planning by INNIUS DÖ / Dresdner Ökotherm GmbH - Mr. Bauer - 0351-85316-33
Humboldt-Forum Berlin - The Berlin Palace - planned completion 2019 - Photos courtesy of eldaco - "3D animation eldaco"

FAQ´s - Frequently Asked Questions - Some LVZ specials

no advertising as a matter of course - instead, clear and verifiable information

no defined project structure or administration necessary - the user uses his previous organizational form such as the structure of folders

no external database required - all technical information including calculation results are in the drawing; from this it follows that every LVZ drawing can also be edited under pure AutoCAD® without subsequent processing under LVZ leading to database problems or data loss; for example. If symbols, cables or routes have been deleted in AutoCAD® only, they automatically disappear from the list of services automatically created below under LVZ; conversely, the LV quantities automatically increase when new elements have been created or existing ones have been copied under AutoCAD®

no additional data structures besides the drawings are necessary - lists and tables up to the complete specification can be derived from the drawings; however, they are always only the result of the CAD work; the linchpin is always the drawing; in the event of changes in the drawings, these lists are simply re-created by the associated evaluation commands and do not have to be maintained in parallel (which is undoubtedly also possible for small changes)

no special objects - that can only be read under LVZ and not under pure AutoCAD® (proxy objects); an exchange of drawings between different trades is possible without any problems

no practical over-automation and no show commands, that can only be used in prepared sample projects - there are no commands with which automatic processing is advertised, but which, in practical use, require more preparatory work before the actual command start than they do afterwards save time through automation

no limitation to the latest AutoCAD® version - currently. the AutoCAD® versions 2007-2020, Bricscad ™ V13-V20 and ZWCAD 2019-2020 are in use

no additional costs hidden in the software - no decoy offers are made, which advertise with small entry-level prices but require the purchase of modules after a short familiarization

no costs for telephone hotline - information by telephone or email is unlimited free of charge, no matter how often a user needs it and regardless of whether calls are made during the training or after years; remote maintenance is avaliable

no trouble with software protection - LVZ 2010 with a new dongle; new copy protection modules from SG Intec Ltd & Co KG from Kiel are introduced. So far, annoying driver problems with the previous dongle series have been eliminated. The new copy protection for LVZ does not require any drivers and therefore does not require administrator rights during installation.

all symbol libraries can be easily expanded by the user and existing symbols can be used; clear symbol management; user-specific symbols are managed separately and are therefore update-safe

all external data such as tables, data lists, configuration files, menus, dialogs and the AVA texts are in plain text and can be supplemented and adapted with a normal text editor without special previous knowledge; for example. You do not have to add the required special cables depending on the software manufacturer; everyone can add these data sets themselves; SQL or ODBC databases, with which other providers adorn themselves and which are not suitable for the user due to their complexity and the high additional license costs, are in no way necessary under LVZ.

all first licenses are installed by the user and demonstrated within 1 working day; installation problems with technical questions are avoided and the training time is shortened.

all information at a glance - instead of small, playful dialogues with sub-dialogs from which you can only get drop-by-drop information and forget at the latest in the 3rd dialog, which entries are in the 1st dialog, become large dialog boxes provided for the technician; input values and results are always together; variant comparisons are easy to do.

all changed configuration data and all saved files are displayed - the software is transparent and the user knows what he is doing and where which data is being saved; no opaque automatisms; every configuration change is saved immediately and can be restored at any time.

all symbols are constructed exactly; and details are shown ´lovingly´ - no sloppy mass work

all commands are easy to learn and can be used practically sensibly; the value of CAD software is not measured according to the advertising-effective calculations or designs that you need once a month, but in the multitude of tools, evaluations and drawing tools that are necessary every day, but neither AutoCAD® nor other applications deliver

all user requests those that are feasible and technically sensible are quickly included in the program

quickly - where others are still busy defining the project, LVZ already has finished results

systematically - LVZ consists of uniform components as if from a single cast and not from duplicated ones modules and purchases of third-party software parts

LVZ project example - vision and reality - planning by EPIC GmbH Erfurt
DEUTSCHE BANK Frankfurt am Main - Energy renovation - Project Blue - IT cabling

Data protection ...

We protect your data and protect it from loss. Every drawing you make is optionally cached with every save command in the LVZ collective folder. This works like a wastepaper basket in which every intermediate stage of the drawings can be found until it is finally emptied. All program settings and configuration values are instantly saved in our initialization file, which is itself backed up daily. If there are errors, just use the version from yesterday or last week. Each program file can be replaced directly by the user with a copy. There are no complicated program structures under LVZ. The word "reinstallation" is unknown to us.

Images ...

The following overview contains images with sections of dialogs from the program system and drawings that were created with the program. You can see a larger scope of the system on the left in the navigation bar or in the DEMO version, which you can download in the top left of the navigation bar or order via eMail Service@IBSDL.de or by phone at (03431)-574153.


LVZ is available as a portable version.
One of many aids for training
remote maintenance for LVZ

Excerpts of the technical calculations, the results are immediately recorded in the drawing.

Short circuit detection, command dialog with almost all necessary information on one page
Short circuit detection, results for 1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole SC currents as well as thermal and transmission values
Calculation results in an automatically generated circuit diagram
Calculation of the forward currents that determine the mechanical load at SC
Switch-off time of cables in the event of a short circuit
Selection of earthing
Systems cable dimensioning and reduction for laying in earth and in air
Compensation of reactive power
Calculation and display of mathematical curves
Resulting cosine phi Partial services calculated
Calculation of the maintenance factors for lighting systems
DIALux interface for lighting calculation - analogue available for Relux interface
Voltage drop of cable routes with branches, load flow calculation - calculation dialog, section
Voltage drop of cable routes with branches, load flow calculation - automatically generated calculation sheets
Voltage drop for cables with functional
Maintenance of the motor start, start dialog with calculation of the voltage drop at the motor terminal
Transformer losses , compensation, voltage drop, ... with automatically calculated diagrams
Proof of the switch-off conditions that are automatically carried out with each cable can and the results of which are recorded in the Üp

Examples of construction

Wall views, sections, empty pipes
Wall views, realistic representation in ElektroCAD
Information that is stored in each cable, route information, cable list, ...
Automatic luminaire arrangement after lighting calculation
Symbolically represented routes, applicable not only for electrical engineering
Structure of line plans such as for EMA (burgler alarm), ELA, KNX etc. is automatically calculated and drawn as a
Contact diagram for contact-based controls
Inserting data sockets, data socket diagram - variante
building overview circuit diagrams (Üp´s) - variant
Building overview circuit diagrams (Üp´s) - variant - graphic representation with the transfer of previously calculated values,
Division of overview buttons into A3 or A4 formats

Symbol management - Sections from over 4,500 symbols supplied; additional 1,500 symbols for routes and trays

Symbol management - overview window, index of symbols
Symbol management - example with lights
Symbol management - example with installation devices
Symbol management - example with devices of security technology
Symbol management - example with KNX devices
Symbol management - example with fire service
Symbol management - example with display of furniture
Symbol management - example with escape sign
Symbol management - example with history list for quick selection of the most recently used symbols
Symbol management - example with favorites list list for fast selection of the most important symbols
Symbol management - example with group list for quick definition of user-defined symbol groups
Symbol management - example with safety technology symbols , up to 168 symbols can be displayed at the same time
Symbol management - configuration dialog - all settings at a glance without playful sub-dialogs

Building module, mass evaluation, ...

Building module windows and doors - all 3D building
Module breakthroughs - all 3D
Section from the building module - sketch was drawn or calculated in less than 2 minutes
Floor plan, installation and MS overview circuit diagram of a transformer station
Escape routes within buildings
Automatically constructed legends in drawings
Evaluation mask for evaluating drawings with data transfer to the AVA cable quantities automatically determined, the cable route is automatically entered in 3D
Kabelmengen automatisch ermitteln, der Kabelweg wird automatisch in 3D eingetragen
Cable list that was automatically read from the drawing and transferred to Excel
Evaluation of attributes, transfer to databases with export and import function as the basis of a facility management database

Interfaces for BIM

Flow diagram BIM
LVZ internal collision check, BIM
Tray- and route export for route coordination, external collision check, BIM
LVZ 3D model generated from a 2D plan from HLS - cross-trade planning, BIM

Examples from projects already implemented with the software

Network plan as the basis for the short-circuit detection for a residential and commercial building complex in Frankfurt Main
View of the Frankfurter Welle, residential and commercial building complex in Frankfurt Main, pedestrian area
View of the Frankfurter Welle, residential and Commercial building complex in Frankfurt Main, street view

Other, drawings in analogue technology ...

Working effectively ...
Telephone support free
Planning without LVZ

Comments ...

Perfect service! - Works again, thank you very much
[Mathias Zocher - Elektro-Zocher GmbH - Leipziger Str.17a - 01665 Diera-Zehren OT Zehr - 0 3 5 2 4 7 - 5 0 1 1 0]

I'm slowly getting deeper into LVZ and have to say: Simply brilliant.
[Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Oliver Wetzel - IOW Automation - Ingenieurbüro Oliver Wetzel - Wolfgang-Borchert-Str. 11 - 85276 Pfaffenhofen - T +49 (8441) 455 99 52 - www.i-o-w.de]

Until recently, my saying was as follows: Two things in my life done right - 1. My wife married - 2. The solar park with mine Colleagues built. - Since today another one has been added: 3rd LVZ bought - Everything really fits here. - I wanted to get rid of this evening.
[Gunter Bez - Marktstr. 3 - 72531 Hohenstein-Bernloch - Tel. 07387/8157 - www.gst-bez.de]

The thing works as described. - Just tested everything. - It's just fun to work with !!!
[Gunter Bez - Marktstr. 3 - 72531 Hohenstein-Bernloch - Tel. 07387/8157 - www.gst-bez.de]

I had not yet been able to test the export and import with DIALUX (I could not imagine how this could work) , It's just awesome and it makes even more sense to create the rooms right at the start. If I find a few more such aids, I will soon have some free time again ...
[Ingo Müller - air-consult GbR - Büro Freier Ingenieure - Schenkstraße 7 - 07749 Jena - +49 3641/354150]

You shouldn't be so much to your customers pampering, that becomes a habit. - Actually, I didn't expect anything else like this answer, but I am once again positively "surprised"!
[GLTPLAN - Smart Buildings - Markus Schwarz (†) - Zum Seebühl 30 • D-78315 Radolfzell - Fon 07732 / 9409408 • KNX-Partner-ID 13965]

Thank you for the quick help! The function with the signs works extremely well and I can now implement everything I wanted in relation to the signs. Stupid that I did not find it myself, the program offers so many options that I have overlooked what I was looking for.
[PIH - Planungsbüro für Innovative Haustechnik - M. Eng. Philipp Henke - Alte Salzdahlumer Straße 203 - 38124 Braunschweig - Tel: 0531- 70 716 712 - Web: www.pih-bs.de]

Thank you for the quick help. It worked right away. That's the beauty of your programs: they just work!
[PCE Wolfgang Reintgen GmbH - Zur Wuhr 15 - 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham - Telefon +49 175 2448888 - Web www.pce3.de]

Madness. I think you are among the best that is available on the market. Only the description / manual could be improved. - Many greetings - Gerhard Bauer
[Bauer Elektroplanung - Pfr.-Langenbacher-Str. 29 - 78739 Hardt - Tel. 07422/4598 - www.bauer-eplan.de]

The route module works excellently! - Yours sincerely
[Ingenieurbüro Deliano - Elektrotechnik - Reifenstuelstrasse 10 - 80469 München - fon: +49 89 76701380]

Good morning, Good morning, after the update the spook is really over - Thank you very much ! - Have a nice day, Ingolf Lindner, CAD construction
[INNIUS DÖ GmbH - Magdeburger Str. 11 - 01067 Dresden - Tel: +49 351 853 16 11]

Great, fun - but brutally extensive ... - I'm a little overwhelmed by the possibilities.
[Gmeinwieser, Büro für Elektroplanung, Rechpacherstr.28, 80689 München, Tel.: 0049 89 587202]

Data protection

You can download our data protection declaration here.


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AutoCAD® is a trademark of Autodesk INC, USA
Bricscad™ is a trademark of Menhirs NV.    --    Bricscad™ is commercialized by Bricsys NV.

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    Geographic information system under Bricscad for supply and disposal companies as well as public institutions
    MP3 renaming - FreeWare  
    Repair AutoCAD® DXF files - no installation required - FreeWare
    Simple GAEB viewer for displaying service specifications in GAEB format - no installation required - FreeWare
    HOAI - Fee calculation for electrical engineering and TGA - no installation necessary - trial version
    Voltage drop calculation based on Excel - no installation required - FreeWare
    LVZ short description as PDF, price list, references, contract conditions
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